Atlanta has become a rising star in the tech industry, attracting top companies and skilled professionals alike. But, with unemployment remaining low and the skill gap remaining all to present, the hiring practices of yesteryear may not be effective in today’s labor market.

Luckily, there are things you can do to support your tech hiring goals. Here are some tips to get you started.

Research Your Competitors

If you want to stay competitive, then you need to be aware of what your competitors are doing. While this initially seems challenging, the sheer volume of online job-oriented resources that are available today can make the task easier.

Seek out information on career sites that allow employees to report details about their position, salary, and benefits. Review the data available through the Bureau of Labor Statistics and even skim job boards or social media for information about your competitor’s current vacancies.

Ultimately, knowledge is power, so research what your competitors are doing and make sure that your offerings fall within the industry norms. This includes everything from salaries to benefits to perks. If you fail to keep pace with other opportunities, you’ll struggle to find the tech pros you need, so make an effort to at least match the standard options available in the Atlanta area today.

Connect with Local Colleges

Newly-minted professionals can be a great source of talent for entry-level positions, and one easy way to get in contact with these individuals is by connecting with local colleges and universities.

Find out about upcoming job fairs or see where you can post information about your available jobs. Volunteer to speak at school events or coordinate with instructors to see if you can offer something to their students.

While it can take time to coordinate these activities, it gives you an opportunity to engage with students before they graduate, increasing the odds that your company will come to mind when it comes time for them to find a job.

Look for Hard and Soft Skills

While hard skills are definitely required to be successful in IT, soft skills are equally important. Tech professionals are often asked to manage cross-departmental projects, work with customers outside of the tech space, and efficiently collaborate to meet shared goals.

Without soft skills like communication skills, teamwork, and leadership capabilities, your tech team will suffer. So, make sure these skills are also a priority as you review applications, conduct interviews, and make hiring decisions.

Work with a Specialized Staffing Firm

While there are a number of reputable recruitment agencies in Atlanta, not all of them are focused on IT. By choosing a staffing firm that specializes in tech, you gain access to their highly developed skills and industry knowledge. This allows them to recruit more effectively, as their experience in IT hiring ensures that they are on top of current trends that impact the decisions of candidates.

If you’re looking to add some tech pros to your team, the skilled recruitment professionals at Choice Technology Group can connect you with some of today’s top talent. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members today and see how our hiring expertise can benefit you.