Chris Coffee


When you find a job opening that truly leaves you excited about the opportunity, wanting to follow up on your application is only natural. But, it’s critical that you handle such activities the right way. Otherwise, by making the wrong move, your resume may quickly end up in the discard pile, even if you have the skills and experience required for the role.

Exactly how you should follow up depends on a few factors. With that in mind, here are some tips for following up in the right way after you send a job application.

Whether the Application has been Received

In the vast majority of cases, employers use systems that let you know that your information was received. These messages tend to be automated and somewhat generic, but provide you with confirmation that your application was successfully submitted.

If you don’t receive an automated reply within 24 hours, it can be worth it to check in. Craft a message stating that you want to make sure your application was received, and keep that point as the focus. You can, however, ask if there are any next steps you need to prepare for and express your interest in the role, but don’t be overly aggressive about finding out if your materials have been reviewed as you are still early in the process.

In cases where you are able to reach out to the hiring manager to confirm your information was received, feel free to attach a copy of your resume and cover letter as well.

The Status of an Application

Once you have confirmation (automated or otherwise) that your application was received, your next potential point of follow up will focus on the status of your application. Now, you don’t want to send this too soon, as this may seem pushy.

If the vacancy announcement listed a closing date, then you should likely wait a few days beyond that before inquiring. Alternatively, if you discover that the opening is no longer listed on a job site or isn’t accepting more applications, that is also a sign that following up in a few days may be appropriate. However, if a timeline for receiving a response was listed on the vacancy announcement, wait until that day has passed regardless of whether they are accepting additional applications.

In cases where you don’t receive an update a few days beyond the closing date or by the one listed in the timeline, feel free to reach out. Let the hiring manager know you are checking on the status of your application, and express your excitement in hearing back from them about the opportunity. Keep the message short, as this isn’t the time to begin aggressively selling yourself, but showing your interest in the position is a smart move.

Additionally, restrain yourself from checking on the status too often, as this can make you seem like a nuisance. After initially reaching out, wait at least another week before trying to make contact, unless you were given a new timeline with specific dates. When that occurs, wait for that date to pass before asking for a new update.

At times, you may reach out and not receive any contact in return. But, by following the tips above, you can make sure that you won’t be seen as an annoyance as you try to get an update.

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