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Networking can be the key to career success. Not only do you get to connect with other professionals, but you may discover new opportunities through your network that can help you expand your knowledge or skill set, or advance your career. But figuring out the best way to network isn’t always easy, especially since there are so many options available today. If you want to be smarter about networking, here are some tips to get you started.

Head to Conferences

Few activities bring likeminded people together like conferences. These events are great learning opportunities, but also give you the ability to connect with skilled professionals in a semi-casual setting. In some cases, the event apps themselves will help you meet new people with shared interests, making it simpler to find meaningful connections in the sea of attendees. Plus, icebreaker activities and social gatherings are designed to get people talking, removing some of the awkwardness that can occur when you meet new people.

There are conferences held regularly all across the country, so consider finding one that interests you and plan to attend.

Check Out Coworking Spaces

As more professionals embrace working remotely, it can be harder to connect with other professionals. Often, remote workers rarely interact with their coworkers in person, meaning they miss out on the networking opportunities that are naturally present in the workplace. But, coworking spaces can be a great substitute for these interactions, especially those geared to a specific kind of professional, such as those that work in a particular field.

While you don’t need to use one every day, making it a point to schedule some time there on a regular basis can be a great way to build valuable connections with others.


Functioning somewhere between conferences and social gatherings, meetups are generally focused on a specific area of interest, making them great networking opportunities. You can find meetups in nearly any city and, if one doesn’t exist in your area of interest, you can even create one.

Meetups may be focused on anything from professionals working in a specific industry to groups dedicated to advancing a particular skill. The possibilities are nearly endless, so using meetups to network can be an excellent approach.

Staffing Firms

Did you know that connecting with a recruitment agency gives you a chance to expand your network? It’s true!

Staffing firms are often well-connected in their communities, both to business and professionals working in specific fields. An excellent recruitment agency can help you connect you with a wide range of people who can help forward your career, giving you a chance to expand your network while looking for new opportunities.

If you are interested in connecting with a reputable staffing firm, the professionals at Choice Technology Group can help improve your network and find you exciting opportunities throughout the area. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members today and see how our services can benefit your career.