Rob Suchy


As each new tech innovation enters the workplace, you can almost guarantee that a cybersecurity threat related to the technology is soon to follow. Hackers regularly target the latest software and adjust their strategies based on the current climate, so it is imperative that you stay on top of any rising issues to keep your data and systems safe.

With that in mind, here are four cybersecurity trends that could impact your business in 2018.

  1. Increasingly Sophisticated Attacks

It isn’t just the frequency of attacks that is increasing, but the power as well. Ransomware, like the infamous WannaCry and the new NotPetya attacks, has become even more sophisticated, crippling various businesses and organizations and wreaking havoc wherever they land.

The rate at which ransomware is progressing is certainly cause for concern, particularly variants that are marketed as “as-a-service” products that target the less tech-savvy among us. Specific attacks can even be initiated while a system is offline and without direct interaction with a particular user.

  1. New Vulnerabilities

The Internet of Things (IoT) movement has changed how people conduct their daily lives as more objects operate in a connected state. However, each of these devices, and their associated connection, creates a vulnerability through the addition of a new point of entry into other systems. A hacker can use the connection to steal data or use the systems as a tool for initiating other attacks. Anything from smartphones to fitness devices to smart home connections could create an entry point, and the risk is likely only to keep growing as more devices are connected to larger systems.

  1. Costs are Rising

As the attacks become more frequent and sophisticated, the cost associated with keeping them at bay is also growing. Companies have to hire highly skilled professionals, often with substantial salaries, to secure their systems or partner with third-parties at an additional cost.

Additionally, lost or damaged data also comes with a price tag, especially when it affects consumer confidence, something that can directly impact the bottom line.

  1. Talent is Limited

Cybersecurity professionals are not always easy to come by, particularly when you are seeking out a person who is well-versed in current threats and the latest tools for defending systems. Further, the shortage of suitable talent is expected to continue well into the future, showcasing that this is a trend that is likely to remain for the long-term.

Ultimately, companies have to do everything in their power to protect their systems and data, including maintaining or purchasing updated software, monitoring device usage, enforcing robust security policies, and hiring a skilled team to keep all of the efforts coordinated.

If you are looking for a cybersecurity professional to join your team, the staff at Choice Technology Group can locate your ideal candidates, making it easier to fill your vacant positions. Contact us today to see how our services can help you keep your company safe in the face of uncertainty.