Rob Suchy


A job seeker’s resume often serves as an initial introduction to hiring managers, making it crucial that the document is on point if you are hoping to secure new employment opportunities. But trends in the area of resume writing and formatting change frequently, and failing to adjust your resume to reflect current expectations can make it more difficult when it comes to securing an interview, even if you are otherwise qualified for the role.

To make sure your resume is set to impress in 2018, here are some tips for whipping it into shape.

Rethink Your Contact Information

The internet has completely reshaped how people apply for jobs as well as how hiring managers contact top prospects. Over time, this has made certain pieces of contact information essentially irrelevant, and leaving these details on your resume can make it appeared cluttered.

To streamline your contact information, begin by removing your street address, aside from your city and state. Next, provide only a primary contact phone number (generally the one associated with your cell phone), and avoid labeling it. Make sure to include an email address (also without a label) that you check often, and make sure it is professional.

You do have the option of including a link to your social media profile, but only list the one that is most relevant to your professional activities, such as your LinkedIn page. If adding the link to the top makes it appear messy, you can also add the link to the bottom of your resume.

Maximize Headlines and Summaries

Headlines and summaries are fairly new additions to resumes and are certainly worth having in place. However, make sure that they speak to the position you are hoping to find and not necessarily what you’ve done previously.

You can begin by listing relevant variations of job titles, and adding keywords that bring value to the roles, based on your experience. Then, use the summary to show how your skills correlate to the target role while highlighting how you can provide value to the business.

Use Common Language for Job Titles

Some organizations use relatively unique job titles that don’t necessarily connect with hiring managers at other companies. While you should include your official title make sure to add common language “translations” in parenthesis next to them.

You can also place a short caption directly under your job title that draws attention to your key contributions, which is particularly helpful if you worked in multiple positions for the same business.

Job Description Updates

The old way of writing a resume involved listing your duties for each position. Today, you should focus on how you added value to the business instead of just listing tasks. Whenever you have the opportunity, make sure to quantify the information, as this gives hiring managers important context. Focus on three to five significant accomplishments, choosing ones that are especially relevant to the target job, keeping the total amount of content relatively brief.

Often, it just takes a few small tweaks to get your resume updated based on current trends. And, once the original is ready, only a little additional work is required to customize it for each position before you apply.

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