Rob Suchy


When it comes to hiring, most companies have two priorities; they want to find a candidate quickly without making any sacrifices in the area of quality. On the surface, these two points don’t seem to work hand-in-hand. However, there are strategies that can help you locate and hire top talent as efficiently as possible. Here is some expert advice that will help you improve your hiring practices in 2018.

Focus on Defining Your Ideal Candidate

One of the simplest strategies to implement is working to clearly define your ideal candidate from the beginning. Generally, this involves a thorough review of any job requirements, allowing you to identify essential core competencies and high-priority items, like managing skill gaps, that must be addressed.

However, it also entails narrowing down your list of must-haves, as extensive skill lists are harder to locate, particularly since many job seekers won’t apply to a position if they have less than 100 percent of what is included on the vacancy announcement. Instead, use your priorities to guide which items should be listed as true requirements. Then, use application screening and interviews to see if candidates who match also possess any of the “nice to have” competencies that would benefit your business.

Get Your Interview Team Aligned

Whenever a panel of people is involved in a hiring decision, confusion can quickly arise. Often, each member of the team has different preferences and ideas regarding what makes an ideal candidate, and these discrepancies can drag out your hiring process and lead to conflict.

To prevent these issues, take time to align your interview team with a single objective. Usually, this involves discussions about which skills are deemed essential as well as which personality traits are desirable. It can also include conversations on whether the applicant needs to be a generalist or specialist in their department.

It also provides you with a chance to address issues that may lead a great candidate to be discarded, such as giving too much consideration to credentials from top-ranked schools or those who were employed at a leading company. While these points can be relevant at times, many talented professionals don’t possess that level of pedigree, and shouldn’t be automatically overlooked. Similarly, talks about the value of experience versus achievement are also relevant, as a stellar job seeker may be greener than another candidate, but possess the potential to reach great heights.

Identify Acceptable Trade-Offs

When you’re dealing with an interview panel, there can be variances on how much risk each person is willing to take when it comes to candidates who have significant potential but lack development in some areas. Similarly, since most applicants won’t possess every skill you are hoping to find, varying perspectives on which requirements are non-negotiable can lead to conflict when it comes time to make a decision.

By identifying acceptable trade-offs in advance, it is easier to get every member of the team on the same page, allowing your hiring process to proceed with greater ease.

The above tips can give you an opportunity to streamline your hiring practices, allowing you to secure the best talent as quickly as possible. If you would like to make additional improvements to your hiring strategy, the professionals at Choice Technology Group can connect you with some of today’s leading professionals. Contact us today to see how our expert approach to hiring can work for you.