Chris Coffee


While some resume tips are geared to people at varying points in their career, many of them are universal or can easily be used to help your resume stand out from the pack. By integrating some trends that are generally used only by executive-level job seekers, you can create a resume that is incredibly compelling, particularly if the hiring manager has been inundated with applications that aren’t designed to impress.

With that in mind, here are some tips on how to write your resume at the executive level regardless of your current role.

Add an Executive Summary Section

An executive summary can be a great way to open any resume as it gives you a platform for highlighting your achievements and demonstrating why you are such a valuable candidate. In this section, you can (carefully) brag about your accomplishments, experience, and skills, allowing you to establish your professional image and showcase why you are suitable for the role.

Since this information is placed near the top of your resume, make sure the content is intriguing, as that will entice the hiring manager to continue reading so they can find out more about what you have to offer.

Structure Your Experience

Most job seekers discuss their previous experience fairly haphazardly, intermingling points about their duties, skills, and accomplishments. However, by structuring these descriptions around a narrative, you can tell a story instead of just tossing in a series of seemingly unrelated facts.

Begin by noting a particular challenge you faced while on the job and follow that summary with details about the actions you took and the skills that were required to handle the situation. Close out with a quick statement about the results, preferably with quantifiable information, and you have a tale that is sure to capture the hiring manager’s attention.

Be Vigilant About Formatting

When creating a resume, many job seekers resort to bullet-pointed lists, but using bullets too often can leave your resume looking cluttered or overwhelming to the eye. To make sure you haven’t gone overboard, look at your resume as a whole document. This helps you see whether the bullet points are excessive or if they draw attention to the right areas. You can also clean up the text by removing any redundant points or relocating certain details into other areas, like the executive summary.

The ultimate goal is to create a balanced document that uses a variety of content types and a suitable amount of whitespace. This makes your resume easier to read, which is incredibly beneficial.

Enlist Help

Reviewing your own work is generally difficult, especially since you know what you intended to say, making it easier to glance over errors. By having someone else review your resume, you increase the odds that issues will be spotted in advance, giving you a chance to make corrections.

Recruitment and hiring professionals are particularly well suited for this type of review as they are aware of current trends and have extensive experience looking over resumes.

If you are looking for a new job, the knowledgeable team at Choice Technology Group can make sure your resume meets the expectation of today’s hiring managers while connecting you with exciting job opportunities through the area. Contact us to see how our services can assist you with your job search today.