Chris Coffee


Let’s face facts: everyone gets a little anxious at work from time to time. But, if the sensation isn’t fleeting, it can be hard to deal with the pressure associated with stressful tech projects. Chronic anxiety about work can affect your ability to concentrate and leave you worrying about tasks and deadlines 24/7. When left unchecked, these feelings can morph into a constant state of dread, crippling you on a daily basis.

Luckily, there are certain coping strategies that can help relieve your anxiety during stressful times. Here are a few you can try today.

Get to Know Your Triggers

Often, stress spikes based on specific stimuli. For example, maybe getting feedback from your boss sends your pulse through the roof or having to give a presentation makes you sweat.

Regardless of the cause, learning your personal triggers can be the first step to managing your anxiety. Consider keeping a journal to document when your stress levels rise and use it to spot patterns. This can give you valuable insight that allows you to create mechanisms for dealing with those situations in particular.

Identify Effective Grounding Techniques

When you experience anxiety, your body activates it fight or flight response, leading to various changes in the body, many of which are uncomfortable to experience. Often, these can be mitigated through the use of grounding techniques, or simple actions that restore your sense of control and help you focus on the present moment.

Meditation, stretching, or going for a walk are all popular grounding techniques, as well as taking a moment to talk to a friend or family member. A variety of breathing exercises can also be effective and are generally discrete enough to complete at work.

Try out a few grounding techniques when you begin to feel anxious and see which options work best for you. Then, be prepared to integrate them into your day, especially any time you know an upcoming event is going to be stressful.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Certain activities can automatically make it harder to deal with anxiety. For example, consuming too much caffeine or not getting enough sleep may make it more difficult to control your stress levels, allowing anxiety to creep its way in. Similarly, a loud workplace may be distracting, affecting your ability to concentrate on the task at hand.

While your environment isn’t entirely under your control, taking certain steps can help. Try to bring headphones to work if you need to block out ambient sound and make sure you don’t overdo it with the coffee or other caffeinated drinks. Try to get around eight hours of sleep every night and make an effort to get some time in natural light every day.

Use Micro-Goals

When you’re dealing with a big project, the breadth of the assignment can be anxiety-inducing on its own. Instead of trying to embrace the entire thing, break it down into a series of micro-goals to help make it feel more attainable and less overwhelming. Then, you can focus on each task, one at a time, and use them as guides to moderate your day. Often, this approach can help keep stress levels at bay while allowing you to see your forward progress with greater ease.

If one of your current personal projects is to find a new IT position, the professionals at Choice Technology Group can help make the experience less anxiety-inducing. Contact us today to see how our services can work for you.